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Top Hat Spacecraft

The above spacecraft was photographed in California in 1965. It has a small manual load matter/antimatter reactor. It also has a spherical gravity wave cloak that bends the light around it. I believe 2 of these Top Hat Spacecraft had a mid air collision over New Mexico the first week of July 1947. One self destructed and the pieces fell to the ground near the Brazel ranch. The other spacecraft had a bad gash in its side but was able to make a controlled landing near the center of New Mexico. This type of spacecraft has a crew complement of 2 pilots and 2 engineers. According to people first on the scene 2 Grays were dead, 1 was injured and the 4th crew member was just fine. He was one of the engineers. The army eventually showed up and put the Top Hat Spacecraft on a flat bed trailer and moved it to Los Alamos National Laboratory. At the time that was the nearest secure government facility. More can be read about this incredible event by reading Crash at Corona by Stanton Friedman.

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