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Majestic 12

The above U.S. Government base is the most secure place on Earth. Area 51 is a U.S. Air Force / CIA / Department of Energy installation. The Papoose Lake S-4 installation is located inside the mountain next to it. EG&G built it many years ago during the 1980s. Wackenhut Security patrols the entire area. The U.S. Naval Intelligence and Majestic 12 operate S4.
Majestic 12 is the most powerful organization on Earth. They possess technology that is over 50 years ahead of what we see and use today. The fastest Cray Supercomputers cluster together and process at about 1 Petaflop. It takes up a large building and consumes kilowatts of electrical power. Majestic probably has a single modified Mac Pro desktop computer that can process over 10 Petaflop. Think optoelectronic computers.
I'm guessing retired Admiral Bobby Ray Inman is one of the Majestic 12 members. Majestic definitely has the best and brightest people working for them. You would probably have to be an MIT graduate just to get a job interview. I would love to work for Majestic. I wouldn't mind operating and maintaining a power plant on the moon.

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